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Whilst I agree with most of your list there are 2 films that I have to take issue with and they are as follows :-

STRIPES:- This film is amazing!!!! Much better than the lowly position it commands in your list. It is more Murrayesque than some of your choices too. The wacky slacker who pulls through in the end with the ensemble of misfits and malcontents.

LOST IN TRANSLATION:- My biggest bugbear on your list. What I'm about to say is quite controversial and I will apologise in advance, so here goes.... Its shite. There I've said it, it is. Possibly one of the most overrated films in the history of moviedom. Its awful, truly, truly awful. I can't help it. I hate it. Its fuckin' boring. Oh my god I can't say enough bad things about it. I almost fell asleep in the cinema. What a dull film, christ I'm even falling asleep writing this diatribe. Its just crap....

As I said I agree with most, disagree with a couple. Rant over, the end.

Big Steve

5th Dec 2008

Dictionary Corner

Am I the only person who cannot understand the meaning of every other word in Clive's (he has a degreeee - the late great Daniel Ko) QoS review that starts with the letter 'E'?! It just took me twenty minutes to read it with the aid of an Oxford English dictionary.

P.S. You now officially have the only film related home page that makes me very hungry! What's with all the (very attractive) dinner shots? Is it some kind of hilarious in jokery that I am too thick to pick up on (see paragraph one above)?

Alan B

3rd Dec 2008

[Try saying it out loud -M]

Magic Murray

With regard to Bill's finest performances I have two to throw into the 'pot':

1. A micro cameo in the guilty pleasure that is 'Wild Things' were he plays the sleaze bag lawyer who manages to procure a Ferrari in about 3 minutes of screen time and

2. The dead pan dynamite second fiddle work to Dustin Hoffman in the great Tootsie.

Alan B

26th Nov 2008

Quantum of Difference

I largely agree with you except I would only give it six and I thought there were major flaws.

I liked the brief references to the past, Gemma Arteton's oil slicked corpse as a nod to Shirley Eatons' gilded version from Goldfinger, the PPK coming back into service etc. However, I thought most of the set pieces were not only disappointing but were not very well concieved. The rooftop chase leading to the scrabbling in the scaffolding was more Cirque de Soleil than slick sequel to Casino Royale. The chase sequence with Sebastien Foucan in the latter was far more impressive and watchable and, despite the fact that it was more implausible for someone to leap from a crane, the cinematography allowed this to seem more naturalistic than the shaky camera and quick cutting of even basic action that was hard to interpret, from the opening opening car chase onwards. Batman is supposed to be esoteric and elusive in his attacks but those of us the in the know like to see Bond battling or bleeding rather than blurred.

As for the rest of the action; Bond can ride a bike but does nothing spectacular, other than board a boat with which, he does nothing spectacular. Then, almost to make up for that the producers decide we need Bond in the air and for sake of a rather tired, we've seen this before and better in 'Point Break' et al, we have a very naff pilot and parachute passage which is very unsatisfactory. But, if that were not bad enough, we then have the most absurd and yet enervating sequence, perhaps in the whole Bond oeuvre, when our hero is about to burn to death with the heroine and suddenly manages to blow a hole out in a wall of a room, in which seconds earlier seemed as certain set to be their funeral pyre.

Ironically, it is the action free scenes with M and Leiter throughout the movie that provide the most satisfying elements of the experience. I would like to think that I'd enjoy it more on a second viewing but fear that I will experience even less than the Quantum than I was hoping for first time round!

Clive L

18th Nov 2008

Just waiting for Judith Chambers to turn up with an Uzi and mutter "Wish you were f-----g here Mr Bond?"

Andrew R

18th Nov 2008

[I went to see QOS with Andrew and he described it as a "very violent 'Wish You Were Here". Bear in mind, he also thinks Daniel Craig looks like Sid James. - M]

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